What is GBA?

Global BPO Alliance
Multilingual BPO Support

The Global BPO Alliance (GBA) is the first BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) alliance that currently exists, created by 3 companies within this sector that currently have over 94 clients with over 200 projects around the world. COS (Colombian Outsourcing Solutions) from Colombia, 95Teleweb Information Inc. from China and Masterpiece Group Inc. from Japan united when seeing the need to expand their operations globally and funded the GBA in April 2017.

The alliance was created with the means of expanding the operations of all of the companies in the GBA and provide a wider range of services and languages that can be offered to potential clients. Currently, we offer more than 20 services in 7 languages, covering a vast mayority of the global population.

Through our allies, we count with a staff of over 5,000 people that are constantly improving their skills thanks to excellence and state of the art technology that guarantee quality services.

We count with highly trained staff that speak over 7 languages from around the world. We implement a series of training sessions for our foreign language speakers with the means of improving their accent depending on our clients’ needs. All of our staff have foreign language certifications if the service that they provide is not in their maiden language.

Our location strategies for our agents and stable connections with each country allows us to provide a high quality service at a low cost without putting information security at risk. We work 24/7×365 counting on a flexible schedule in order to meet the needs of our clients, generating global level coverage with flexible prices that are highly competitive.

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COS (Colombian Outsourcing Solutions) is a growing business, specializing in outsourcing of BPO services. It’s headquarters are located in a strategic point of the city in the capital of Colombia- Bogota. It was founded in 2009 after seeing the necessities of businesses in the country, where different channels of communication where growing rapidly. COS’ purpose is to provide integral solutions to its clients through ideal human resource, paired with technological innovation. Its been recognized as one the Top 10 Contact Centers in Colombia. COS offers services in Spanish, English and Portuguese in more than 8 countries.

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95TW (Beijing 95 teleweb information, Co., Ltd.) was founded in Beijing, the capital of China in 1998. 95TW is the only company to hold the nationwide operation license in the domestic market in China. Under the approval of CEPA from both Chinese and Hong Kong governments, it is become the largest and first Japanese-affiliated BPO provider. 95TW also support leading Chinese companies or start-ups, Western and Japanese companies to enter China, and since 2008 we have been selected as “Top 10 China BPO Companies” consecutively. Since its establishment, experienced staff will contribute to your Chinese business with high operational quality based on the achievement of about 500 projects from about 300 major companies.



As a long-term strategic partner with customers, MPG (Masterpiece Group, Inc.) is a global BPO company that continues to support “rationalization of management” through Croco. The headquarters is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, has developed its offshore/nearshore center for Japanese companies in Asian countries, and has continued its business policy with emphasis on price advantages and speed of service starting over 15 years. We have a several centers in offshore and domestic to support for global enterprises developing business here in Japan. As a Parent company of 95TW, MPG operates 3,500 seats in global.


Pro Colombia

PROCOLOMBIA is the entity in charge of promoting tourism, foreign investments in Colombia, non-mining energy exportation and the image of the country. Through it’s national and international web of offices, it provides support and integral guidance to its clients, through services and instruments designed to facilitate the design and execution of its international strategy – searching for generation, development and closing of its business opportunities. Thanks to POROCOLOMBIA – COS, 95Teleweb and Masterpiece Group had the opportunity to meet in order to create the GBA in April 2017.