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24/7 Multilingual BPO Service Support

Market, product, systems and multilingual customer service promotion has become a key factor for success in all businesses around the world. As these businesses expand rapidly and demand for different kinds of services grow by the day, we have allowed ourselves to change and adapt in order to offer convenient and safe services given by native foreign language speakers with the purpose of getting a better response and reaching more clients around the globe.

Multilingual Support in Various Processes

Thanks to the experience and sucess that all of the companies within the GBA have had, we count with the necessary support in order to help our clients expand their businesses through rationalization of processes and cost reduction in various fields. We can reduce your operative costs and improve processes such as hiring, training and control of personnel, among others. We also count with the benefit that we offer all of these services in different languages.

Omnichannel Support

We take care of analyzing your business in order to determine which would the best channel combination that can benefit your business and implement those ideas depending on the best choice whether it be through phone, chat, SMS, e-mails, SNS or another omnichannel service that we offer.

Complete BPO Support

Among our many BPO services we offer: Customer Service, Technical Support, Back Office, Web Monitoring, Data Analysis and Data Entry. Our professionally trained staff will always propose the most adequate service on which to focus on, in order to satisfy the needs of our clients through the use of diverse styles and methods.

Omichannel Services

With the purpose of offering better customer service support, we have improved our channels of communication, making them much more complete than other BPO service providers. This allows our clients to have many more possibilities to access information in a manner that is much faster and efficient.
Thanks to our advances, many companies today already count with our omnichannel services, which not only fills the needs to cover all channels of communication currently available but also guarantess excellent customer service.
  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Client retention and loyalty
  • PQRS management and follow-up
  • Medical Appointment Scheduling
  • Technical Support
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Online Customer support
  • Online and Presencial Customer Service
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Database Updates
  • Order taking

TMK Sales

We count with the best agents that go through a rigurous selection process and a specialized sales training where we prepare them to give the best customer service they can, where the priority is to give their clients a polity, confident and personalized exchange through every call.
GBA ensures an insuperable management through this process, guaranteeing top level of satisfaction where your clients will always be satisfied with the interactions that our agents have with them.
  • Credit card sales.
  • Insurance sales.
  • Financial Service Portfolio Sales.

F2F Sales

Our F2F agents go through a different process than our TMK agents since our F2F agents’ abilities are focused on integral understanding and knowledge of your clients which guarantees the creation of a strong link, therefore providing the best customer service.

GBA guarantees that this closeness will be reflected on sales and the satisfaction of each of your clients.

  • Credit card sales.
  • Insurance sales.
  • Financial Service Portfolio Sales.

Software Development

Information security is top priority for all businesses. This is why it’s necessary to have specialized software that guarantees the privacy and security of your information.

We count with the experience and knowledge necessary to offer our clients connectivity with specially made databases that are adaptable, which certify excellent functionality through any mishap.

  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • Client/server.
  • Software re-design
  • Data processing

Multilenguaje, 24/7

Personal nativo calificado que apoyará su negocio.

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