Who we are

While companies continue to grow globally, multilingual support in systems and customer services in different markets has become a key factor to business sucess. In GBA, we offer convenient, safe and guaranteed services by native speakers in a range of different languages with the purpose of providing an excellent service, where clients end up 100% satisfied with our results.

Through our allies, we count with a staff of over 5,000 people that are constantly improving their skills thanks to excellence and state of the art technology that guarantee quality services.

We count with highly trained staff that speak over 7 languages from around the world. We implement a series of training sessions for our foreign language speakers with the means of improving their accent depending on our clients’ needs. All of our staff have foreign language certifications if the service that they provide is not in their maiden language.

Our location strategies for our agents and stable connections with each country allows us to provide a high quality service at a low cost without putting information security at risk. We work 24/7×365 counting on a flexible schedule in order to meet the needs of our clients, generating global level coverage with flexible prices that are highly competitive.

Global BPO Alliance